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Diner En Blanc is no new thing. In fact, its an eating party that happens worldwide. This party concept originated in Paris in 1988 and has since debuted in Montreal, New York, Singapore, and Brisbane. GETCHARGEDUP, philanthropist Amar Harrag, and a nice handful of supporters experienced this  concept at an undisclosed location last year March 25th…

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Reflecting Back on Rancho De Los Ninos

OUR LATEST TRIP TO BAJA Team GetChargedUp spent another magical day this past Saturday in Valle de Guadalupe. We visited Rancho de Los Niños orphanage, home to 74 amazing kids, along with 12 passionate volunteers. We spent the day playing soccer and games in the playground, making arts and crafts, eating an amazing meal together, and inspecting the infrastructure to…

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Empowering the children of Baja

Dear friends, I would like to thank you for the positive responses and great show of interest after the announcement of our non-profit formation. We are now ready to get to work on our first program: #PowerBajaOrphanages. Today, over 6,000 children live on the streets in Northern Baja and thousands more live in abject poverty, creating a…

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